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When Someone You Love No Longer Remembers

by Cecil Murphey, illustrations by Michal Sparks


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Harvest House Publishers
Published:June 2011
Approximately six inches square, (580mm) this little book is intended to be given to a caregiver, to help them deal with the situation they find themselves in. Twenty four contributors tell of how this situation feels, how they have come to terms with it and how prayer and coming closer to God has enabled them to win through. Each piece is very brief, but very telling, twenty four different experiences yet all very similar as any caregiver can tell you. Reading these pieces could help lessen the sense of being the only one in this position, the loneliness of being tied down by looking after someone you love but who is changing irrevocably.
The Appendix has suggestions of how to care for yourself, how to communicate with your loved one, advice on exercise and activities, expecting the unexpected and helping your visitors to know how to act, practical advice from someone who knows.
A gentle book, enhanced by the illustrations and one I can recommend as a gift to a man or a woman.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (31/08/11)
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