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Sarah’s Christmas Miracle

by Mary Ellis


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Harvest House Publishers
Published:September 2010
An unashamedly plain and simple story about an Amish family with an estranged son and a daughter whose desire is to bring him home in time for Christmas. This is short and engagingly written for the American market but we all love to read a story that ends happily at Christmas with a family reconciliation. In Britain we have very little experience of the Amish community other than what we see in films or in documentaries, but what comes across in this story is the deep sense of faith lived out along with principles of simple living. It also shows the some of the conflicts that young Amish people have as they go through the Rumschpringe (living/working outside the Amish community) prior to making a definite commitment to the Amish community. Lightweight and it will appeal to younger people who may identify with some aspects of youth rebellion!

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Reviewer: Jackie Scott   (03/05/11)
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