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The Way to a Manís Heart

The Miller Family Series

by Mary Ellis


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Harvest House Publishers
Published:August 2010
This is another story about the Amish community by the same author that again deals with youth and their discoveries about life and love prior to their making a full commitment to the Amish way of life. There are some nice touches in the story but I found this fairly Ďclunkyí in places where the reader is told exactly how the character is feeling when it is not needed. Some of the characters are weakly developed and didnít ring true to me, and some aspects of Amish life were explained several times over to make sure that the reader Ďunderstoodí. Much is made about the difference between those who follow the ways of the Amish but donít necessarily have a full understanding of the faith and the person of Jesus Christ behind it, and those whose faith is coming alive to the full. For me it was over long in its attempt to make a spiritual point and I found myself skipping through bits to get to the end, but the central character was likeable and it ended happily, so with those caveats in mind it is a gentle story allowing one to relax into an afternoon cup of tea.

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Reviewer: Jackie Scott   (03/05/11)
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