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A Rose Revealed

The Amish Farm Trilogy Book Three

by Gayle Roper


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Harvest House Publishers
Published:January 2011
The Amish Farm Trilogyare stand alone stories that are nevertheless more enjoyable if you have read the previous titles.
In this one, it is Rose, the nurse who helped Jake when he had his motor-bike accident, who ends up in the rooms above Jake in the adapted gross-dawdy haus.
As Rose is returning to her own car, having seen her patient safely into her car with her sons, there is an explosion that throws her to the ground and she rises to find the car behind her enveloped in flames and the occupants beyond help. After moving her own car to a safe distance she goes back into the house to find one of the sons has escaped death by dashing back into the house for his sun glasses. Rose is distraught. On her way home she is crying so much she needs to stop and pulls into the Zook’s yard for safety. She has previously nursed Mary, the Amish artist mother of the family, and discovered that Jake is still very much alive though paralysed from the waist down.
Rose is offered shelter by the Zooks, but only Jake knows she is hiding from whoever planted the bomb, who seems to think, Rose knows more than she does.
After many twists and turns we reach the inevitable happy ending but only after a thoroughly satisfying read.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (03/06/11)
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