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A Strangerís Wish

The Amish Farm Trilogy Book One

by Gayle Roper


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Harvest House Publishers
Published:April 2010
Kristina is artistic, with absolutely no wish to follow in her familyís footsteps and become a lawyer. To stand up to pressure from her parents has taken a great deal of courage, but here she is, lodging at an Amish farm, painting to her hearts content in her spare time away from teaching at a local school.
The Zooks have had to accept an ĎEnglisherí lodger as they need the money to support their son disabled in a motorbike accident during his rumspringa the time when youngsters are allowed their freedom before committing to the Amish ordnung. This son, Jake, lives downstairs in the grossdawdy wing, Kristie in the rooms above.
In the opening chapter Kristie is at the local hospital having been bitten by the Zook familyís dog Ė entirely her fault she admits. Jon Clarke had happened to drive into the farmyard as it happened and she had gratefully accepted his offer of a lift, so there they are together at the hospital. What a way to meet!
With a boyfriend approved by her parents, but not approving of her move, with her attraction to Jon Clarke, and the added complication of her meeting with Mr Geohagen at the hospital the scene is set for a thoroughly good read.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (26/01/11)
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