From the Children's Work Theory & Practice section

Rural Children, Rural Church

by Rona Orme


Price: £5.99
Publisher:Church House Publishing (CHP) part of Hymns Ancient & Modern
Published:16 February 2007
Though I was born and bred in a big city and spend the best part of my childhood and early adult life in one, I have also spent the last 35 years or so in the countryside and I realise that those that live in the rural areas of our land have very special needs to consider . Over twenty per cent of the rural population is made up of children and these children especially nowadays need to be considered carefully when churches are planning their strategy. So often the children are without sensible and effective transport networks, often when home via the school bus they are not able to get back into a town area for entertainment and company. This is when the rural parish comes into its own in providing some much needed support and activities. This book in the “Sure Foundations” series of Church House Publishing offers very sound advice and guidance to all who are working in young people’s ministry, giving examples of how to improve how to plan and how to attract the young people to church and its connective tissues.

Reviewer: Ian Gibson   (30/04/07)
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