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Young People + Worship

A Practical Guide

Edited by Mark Montgomery


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Church House Publishing (CHP) part of Hymns Ancient & Modern
This is the next book in the series from Church House Publishing exploring themes of National Youth Strategy. It is not a book for young people, but their leaders, for those who seek some alternative routes to planning and leading worship, always a difficult area, I feel with young people. Many young people have to endure “family services” which are aimed at them but leave them cold; this book connects the Sunday theme and service with what happens for the rest of the week. It also opens a debate about setting aside different days and services for the young, a change from the norm but emphasising the difference of style and content that young people may need to relate to God. Young people do not want to dumb down God but treat their style of worship as a serious alternative. This book gives plenty of resources, ideas, practical hints and tips and case studies of items that have succeeded and some that haven’t. Moreover the book gives us the chance to review what is happening in our neck of the woods and seeing if it is sensible to try something new; I challenge you to read this book carefully and try something different!

Reviewer: Ian Gibson   (09/11/07)
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