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Worship4Today Part 3

A Course For Worship Leaders & Musicians: Part 3 Consolidating and Expanding Horizons

by Helen Bent & Liz Tipple


Landscape A4 Paperback
Price: £24.99
Publisher:Church House Publishing (CHP) part of Hymns Ancient & Modern
Published:January 2014

This book covers the third and final part of the course, containing complete resources for sessions 9-12 plus various end-of-course resources.

As with part 2, it has a 3 page summary table of the course structure at the front, after which it launches straight into the sessions. The format and style is consistent with the previous two parts.

As before, each session has Teachers' Notes, full and detailed lesson plans, resource lists, and photocopiable handouts (though the copies on the CD—which also contains copies of all the Powerpoint presentations in .ppt format—will print and copy much better than ones you will get by pressing the book onto a copier glass).

The book comes with a licence for owners of the book to use the copiable materials "within their organisation".

There are about 320 A4 pages in all. The sessions covered are:-

9 Practical Worship Day: Unlike the other sessions, this one is a full day in length, and aims to draw together everything in the preceding 8 sessions and apply it. As with session 8, its usual sure-footedness deserts it to some extent with the technology coverage, though the bulk of the advice given is good.

10 Worship in the New Testament: this session includes a look at improvisation skills.

11 The Challenge of All-Age Worship: There is plenty of good advice here, as well as some overlap with mission.

12 Worship in a Mission Context: The coverage includes looking at things to consider for visitors and non-believers, and also touches on fresh expressions / alt worship.

The book concludes with an Assessment section and various appendices. There are resources for the review/feedback process, and certificate pro-formas, as well as suggestions for follow-up sessions.

The books are, from beginning to end, a full, comprehensive and complete resource for running what is a very thorough, well-balanced and worthwhile course with a strong Biblical grounding. Even if you're not planning to run the whole thing, or if you're already an expert, you will find much of use and benefit here.

Reviewer: Martin Brasier   (14/09/14)

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