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by Paul Langham


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Bible Society
Published:22 October 2012
In the 1960s Ronald Allison, a BBC journalist, wrote Dear St Paulů, letters to St Paul prompting his letters to the young churches. In WHO?, Paul Langham "rewrites" the New Testament as it might be written today - more accessible language for a generation not used to even the most modern translation of the New Testament. He tells the life of Jesus as recorded by Matthew, Mark and Luke - eliding their accounts and giving a narrative over some 95 pages. It is eminently readable and does not demand pre-knowledge. John's Gospel is treated separately after Revelation because "John takes his own distinct approach to recording the life of Jesus, which offers a complimentary viewpoint to those taken by Matthew, Mark and Luke." A thoroughly appropriate position to take. From Acts onwards, Langham provides us with two introductory paragraphs to each book or letter - Who wrote it? And Why should I read it? Paul Langham is an Anglican Parish Priest in Bristol and I suspect that his pastoral sense has greatly fed his book. I can see this being offered to enquirers and also used by Bible study groups. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Reviewer: Nick Horton   (12/11/12)
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