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Kingdom of Fools

The Unlikely Rise of the Early Church

by Nick Page


Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton
Published:Spring 2012
Nick Pageís books are always thoroughly researched and engagingly written, and this one is no exception. Nick traces the rise of the early church, offering a wealth of information which brings it all to life. Itís packed with details you never knew were there (but they are!) and supported with so much background material that you feel yourself stepping through the pages into the 1st century. Nick takes nothing for granted, and offers a take so fresh that it often seems you are browsing back copies of the local newspapers. How old was Paul when he died? What was the Roman pun on the name Christ? How were the healing miracles which took place in Syria, Egypt and Turkey viewed by contemporary writers? If the Romans didnít mind Jesus being a god, what was it they did mind? Was it Paulís personality which got him into so many difficult situations Ė or was there more to it than that? The blurb says Ďin this fascinating new biography of the early church, Nick Page sets the biblical accounts alongside the latest historical and archaeological research, exploring just why the Romans found this new branch of the Jewish faith so difficult to comprehendí Ė and thatís about right. Illustrated with line drawings and photographs, this will transport you to another world.

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Reviewer: Alison Morgan   (28/08/12)

Reader review: - Mary Bartholomew retired editor of TGBS (08/01/13)

Together with The Wrong Messiah and The Longest Week, Kingdom of Fools gives an overview of The New Testament that brings it to life in a special way. The historical background and the quotations from contemporary writers givs us a fuller understanding than most of us have had in the past. Nick Page works things out to his own satisfacion and asks us to share his conclusions, but never does he say that he is positively sure he is right. I like that.
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