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Women in Leadership at Church, Work and Beyond

by Jo Saxton


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton
Published:October 2012
Are you a woman of influence in your workplace, church or local community? And do you sometimes have questions about your leadership role, yet don't know where to turn for answers? If so, Jo's book is for you. It seems to me that you can dip into this book in almost any order, after the introduction. In every chapter there is a Biblical text as a foundation, some practical advice and some reflections by others in leadership. She looks at women in the Old and New Testaments, mentoring, navigating in a man's world, coping with marriage and leadership and lots of other relevant topics.

Jo does not write from a 'know it all' position, but acknowledges that there is always more to learn. I like her final emphasis on wisdom in the chapter 'The art of living skilfully'. I can heartily recommend this book.

Reviewer: Jackie Rowe   (03/09/13)
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