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The Shack

Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity

by William P Young


Price: £7.99
Published:15 May 2007
This UK edition from Hodder published 17th July 2008
Seldom can such an unheralded book by an unknown author cause such interest not only in the Christian publishing world, but also in general publishing! Last week (August 2008) it had reached sales of over 2 million copies in Britain alone! Basically this is a novel concerning the mysterious disappearance of a young girl. Four years on, the girl’s father ‘Mack’ receives a note, apparently from God, inviting him back to the place – the shack, where evidence had previously been found which points to his daughter having been murdered there. Against his fear and better judgement, the grieving father decides to go…..
The remainder of the book graphically describes him meeting God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a manner he never envisaged, i.e. God is a black woman! The book is subtitled ‘Where tragedy confronts eternity’, and the whole aspect of suffering is dealt with at great length. Many people query ‘Why does God allow suffering to happen?’ William Young tackles this question in a unique way. Using fiction as a tool, he is able to reach deep into the human heart and shows how God deals with each one of us in an individual and loving way, if only we will let Him. This book truly brings healing and understanding to one of the most difficult subjects that many of us have to deal with. In my opinion it is an outstanding book, fully deserving of its huge sales.
Dave Brassington, Family Books, Keynsham

I too have read this book and been enthralled with it. See The Missy Project at the website Editor

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Reviewer: Guest reviewer   (20/08/08)

Reader review: - Dr Alison Morgan, Resource

The Shack is a novel about Mack and his journey with God. Mack finds himself, as Dante would have said, in the middle of a dark wood, his path lost, his way blocked. His daughter’s been abducted, her bloodied dress is found at a shack deep in a wilderness, and he has a Great Sadness inside. A note comes: I’ll be at the shack. Papa. Papa is the family name for God. He goes, in the harshness of winter. As he arrives, the landscape changes, the shack is transformed, and he meets Papa, Jesus and Sarayu. Three days of spiritual reconditioning follow; truth is explored, pain dealt with, and Mack’s inner landscape is re-formed to match the beauty of the one in which he temporarily finds himself. On his way home, a car smash. He wakes in hospital. We are left with a question – was it real, or was it an age-old near-death experience, in which somehow he had been caught up into a deep personal encounter with God?
This book is not theology, but it does contain truth. It doesn’t pretend to profundity either; it’s just the story of a person in relationship with God. But it’s beautifully told – imaginatively, poetically, creatively. Do you want to sail out of the conventional ways of thinking about your spiritual life? Read this book.

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