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The Crucified God

40th Anniversary Edition

by Jurgen Moltmann


Price: £19.99
Publisher:SCM imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
Published:July 2015

This 40th Anniversary Edition comes with a new preface by Moltmann himself which is a wonderful reflection on the book's effect on both people, situations and theology through those years since it was written and in that preface we truly find why this book still speaks so loudly and will continue to be on reading lists for many years yet to come.

The Crucified God is theology of the heart, mind and soul ... a book that came out of personal experience and reflection and that echoes that just as the Crucified God did and still does now. Through the mirror of that pain and suffering we have a theology that speaks to man across times and situations and that Moltmann interpreted for us and presented in a clearly defined soteriology and ecclesiology that spoke to a generation ready for a new theology and understanding.

Well worth reading, and with the new preface this is a great edition of this foundational and influencing work.



Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (31/07/15)
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