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Mission On The Road To Emmaus

Constants, Context and Prophetic Dialogue

by Ed. Cathy Ross & Stephen B Bevans


Price: £35.00
Publisher:SCM imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
Published:January 2015

This was perhaps one of the most enjoyable academic books I have read in a very long while. With a well curated collection of essays from a range of scholars that look at mission through the contexts of Christology, Eschatology, Ecclesiology, Soteriology, Anthropology and finally Culture but with the emphasis and lense being on the prophetic dialogue and catalyst intrinsic in each of these areas for mission to be communal, active and central we have here a book that somehow blends the lines between academic and essentially practice based faith.

These essays are incredibly easy to read and find so many points of reference into the possibility of everyday faith and mission that in here is something that cannot help but help missiologists and missiological churches.

I was entranced by Notwehrs essay on Ecojustice, and her consideration of franciscan models amongst others .. and her short but very interesting paragraphs that deal with such topics of water crisis and global climate change.

Wild-wood's essay on Migration and  consideration of multicultural or single culture congregations, along with her wonderful overview of the Resident Alien and interculturality was again so key to many urban mission scenario's that it was a delight to read.

 Johnny Baker's essay on pioneering is a wonderful overview with deep insight...

 These are just three of the highlights for me personally, but all the essays were so good and had real bite and content that this book really has to be a must read for anyone involved in anyway in mission today.

The only sadness for me is that because this book is an academic book it comes with a high price tag that will sadly put it out of the reach of many people who would seriously gain real enjoyment and benefit from it, and I can only say that should you find the funds you will not regret investing them in this book.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (05/03/15)
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