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Jews, Christians and Muslims in Encounter

by Edward Kessler


Price: £35.00
Publisher:SCM imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
Published:September 2013
This book is worth the price tag if you are in any way involved with, or interested in, interfaith dialogue, most notably Jewish and Christian dialogue and encounter. Though in the third section of the book we move more into dealing with dialogue between the three Abrahamic traditions i.e. Jews, Christians and Muslims, I have to say that I felt this section was a little more like an add on, not as deeply thought out and considered as the previous sections, and not helped by its brevity.

However on Jewish - Christian dialogue this book gives a very good background history of Jewish - Christian relationships and encounters, and also addresses some of the problem texts, thus giving insight into the theology and philosophy that lie in some way at the heart of the differences.

On the whole it's a very well written book, but I do think it would have been better not to include Muslim encounter in the title and then give so little space to it in the text.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (09/10/13)
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