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Theology And Sexuality

SCM Core Texts

by Susannah Cornwall


Price: £25.00
Publisher:SCM imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
Published:April 2013

From celibacy, virginity and marriage to polyamory, bisexuality and prostitution, this book provides a broad overview of the whole area of sexuality and how it relates to Christian theology. It also looks at specific topics, such as homosexuality, from both Church of England and Roman Catholic standpoints.

The author is very largely successful in her attempt to give a completely unbiased account of the different ways Christians have tackled the whole range of issues surrounding sexuality, sex and gender.

Cornwall's approach and style of writing make this book very easy to read even for those with little knowledge of this topic or even more general theology; this is aided by a comprehensive glossary. Questions and activities both at the end of chapters and within them encourage contemplation on the issues discussed and each chapter has suggestions for further reading.

I thought this book was well written—even when bringing together several different viewpoints for the same issue the lines of argument were clear and easy to understand. Whilst primarily a textbook aimed at theology students, as with all of the SCM Classics series, I found it accessible as an individual and can see it being equally so in a parish study group setting.

An introductory sweep of this topic it is both accessible by everyone and very broad in its scope; I think this book is excellent and would definitely recommend it.

Reviewer: Tim Hupfield   (16/04/14)
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