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Wrestling For My Life

The Legend, The Reality, And The Faith Of A WWE Superstar

by Shawn Michaels


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Zondervan from Trust Media Distribution
Published:March 2015

 You do not need to be a wrestling fan to be inspired by Shawn Michaels story - eleven-time winner of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and WWE's Match of the Year Award - not to name his many other accolades.

The book gives insight into both his professional and personal life chartering the struggles and triumphs.  You meet his wife, Rebecca, and see the influence of her prayers in his life.  

Shawn Michaels refreshingly and with no restraint tells how he relinquishes sin, repents and accepts salvation.  The renewal and change this makes in his life is apparent and tangible; the truths highlighting on occasion like sunbeams on the pages.

His story brings the reader to the basics, beauty and benefits of salvation in a life. 



Reviewer: Ruthie Thomas   (12/08/15)
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