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Finding Mr Goldman

A Parable

by David Rhodes


Price: £10.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:February 2015

What a novel read! I really enjoyed this modern day parable.  It was creative and thought provoking.

Rhodes has a really readable style. The chapters were nice and short and the story was easy to follow and in places it made me laugh and in places it reminded me of what a horrible place this world has become.

It is written in today's society, and that is reflected in the rawness of the topics covered and the prophanities used by GOLDMAN and his hedonistic desires and what he sees as his right to take regardless of its consequences or who it affected and hurt.

I like the way Goldman's companion for his journey is the very unlikely tramp who he had seen fit to ignore before, but when reality struck he came to see past the lack of wealth and cleanliness but found instead acceptance and love.

I would highly recommend it especially as an evangelistic tool

Reviewer: ZoŽ Stevenson   (21/09/15)
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