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The Teenage Prayer Experiment

by Miranda & Noah Threlfall-Homes


Price: £9.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:16 April 2015

I was won over in the introduction of this book. The mother and son commitment to challenging and encouraging teenagers to experiment in prayer rather than instructing in a set of 'expert methods', shines throughout each chapter. 

Any book that is birthed out of a discovered need in the market oftens comes from a genuine heart to see that need fulfilled. The Threlfall-Holmes's stay true to their commitment to allow the reader to experiment with each suggestion. The genuine good & bad reviews show that not all methods will work for everyone and that the reader should be free to accept the varying degrees of success and failure along the way.

The self-review space also encourages the reader to be able to reflect on their own progress and interest of each option. This is so often overlooked in efforts to have young people learning, but vital in helping them discover what is right for them and not to feel a failure when it's not working.

I'm particularly impressed by the diverse range of options available including practical, interactive, written, virtual, food, physical activity, quiet and loud variations. In line with the authors' heart, I felt it important that I didn't review this book as an 'adult expert', but considered the thoughts of teenagers I know. It was encouraging to hear their mixed viewpoints and a range of preferred options to continue with.

This book would be very supportive of any individual teenager looking to discover how prayer can work for them, but I would also encourage parents or youth leaders to look at how they can read this with their teenagers and be part of the experiment themselves. 

My personal favourite? Whilst I love anything active and prayer walking is definitely helpful to my personal experiment, I am excited about the Taste & See option. I love seeing Communion experinced by young people and I would love to see the reviews of more young people taking part in this.

I encourage you to buy this book for the teenage in your life...and then ask if you can read it with them! 

Reviewer: Barry Mason   (18/08/15)
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