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Rites Of Ordination

Their History and Theology

by Paul F Bradshaw


Price: £19.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:January 2014
Paul Bradshaw is one of the church's leading writers on the liturgical practice of the Christian Church. In this volume Bradshaw focuses on the practice of ordination, tracing its origins in the customs of the earliest Christian communities through to the current practice in both Roman Catholic and Protestant communities.

Largely organised chronologically, Rites of Ordination is both a theological as well as a historical study. Despite its conciseness—and Bradshaw is honest about the volume's limitations—this is unlikely to be a book with wide appeal. Even those approaching their own ordination might struggle to find much in it that will infuse their own ministry with energy or understanding. This is at heart an academic work, although those with an interest in strengthening ecumenical relations will find much in it to encourage that task.

Bradshaw is to be complimented for a writing style that is very accessible. The topic might not be on everyone's lips, but one cannot fault Bradshaw's determination to ease our way into understanding one of the most significant facets of ecclesial life today.

Reviewer: David Ford   (22/07/14)
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