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The Provocative Church

Fourth Edition with Study Guide

by Graham Tomlin


Price: £9.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:March 2013

 "Inviting people to come under the rule of God" is how Graham Tomlin defines evangelism. The Church's role is "to remind the rest of the world of God's rule and Christ's lordship in Christ", and to do so through Christians' words as well as their lives. Read Chapter 3 to get a good idea of what the ‘Kingdom' or ‘Rule' of God is.

Tomlin recognises that evangelism is unfashionable, but this stimulating and practical book, now in its fourth reprint, opens up the many ways of becoming an evangelistic church. The whole congregation could profitably study this
book, but the author is specifically concerned with leaders, who are important if the church is going to become truly evangelistic. I heartily recommend "The Provocative Church".

Reviewer: Barry Vendy   (13/06/14)
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