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Beyond The Edge

Spiritual Transitions For Adventurous Souls

by Andrew D Mayes


Price: £10.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:November 2013

The starting point for this book is "the concept of liminality or crossing a threshold to a new place of discovery". This concept is explained in the introduction and the reader is encouraged to see transition in life as an opportunity for spiritual growth.

The author describes physical journeys that Jesus made, with good attention to geographical detail. He then comments on the spiritual significance of each of these journeys, both for the disciples then and for modern day Christians now, with particular reference to the believer’s prayer life.

Prayer is seen as a journey towards God, and the author draws on material such as ‘The Interior Castle’ by St. Teresa of Avila. This mystical approach to a personal relationship with God dominates the questions for reflection and the prayer exercises which come at the end of each chapter.

In my opinion the reader would need to be relatively secure in their faith as well as open minded to accept the challenges of this book, as the subtitle suggests, it is for adventurous souls!

Reviewer: Heloise Hearn   (24/07/14)
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