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Hearing The Call

Stories Of Young Vocation

by Jonathan Lawson & Gordon Mursell


Price: £9.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:16 January 2014
For anyone thinking about ordination this is the book to read! Primarily written for younger Anglican potential ordinands it would be helpful for anyone considering whether or not they have a call from God to seek ordained ministry as their vocation, whatever their Christian tradition. 

Many of us us in ordained ministry came because someone asked us if we had thought about it or if we thought God was caling us to it. We also felt totally inadequate to the task. This book is so helpful because it stresses that our human frailty and inadequacy are the very things which God uses to allow his grace to flow to his people and their communities. 

Jonathon Lawson looks at some relevant Bible passages and links them to the real-life experiences of some young people he has counselled and advised. Alongside this, Gordon Mursell has some very thoughtful reflections on the Bible passages which complement Lawson. Thinking about the possibility of ordination? Read this book!

Reviewer: Graham Wise   (18/05/15)
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