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Healing the Family Tree

by Kenneth McAll


Price: £9.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:January 2013
Just occasionally one reads a book that completely challenges all our previous assumptions about how the world works; the nature of reality itself. In Healing the Family Tree (first published in 1982 and now re-printed in the SPCK Classics series) Dr Kenneth McAll challenges us to think about healing in inter-generational terms: that the sins of the past continue to affect the health of the present generation. Dr McAll suggests that through the direct intercessory intervention of Jesus and through the celebration of the Eucharist, entire family trees can be healed with miraculous and transformational effects.

After a brief summary of his experiences of healing in war-torn China, Dr McAll begins by exploring "possession syndrome"; the state of bondage that can exist between two people as a result of an un-reconciled life event or damaged relationship. That prayer can bring healing in these situations is not new of course, but it is more challenging to consider the possibility when one party is no longer alive and even more so when one party is a life lost through abortion or miscarriage. The stories that flow through the pages of this book are quite breathtaking and faith enhancing.

Consistently throughout the book Dr McAll repeats the centrality of Jesus Christ and the importance of Eucharistic services of healing. The handing over of power to Jesus is an essential part of delivering release to the captive individual. The book concludes with details of Dr McAll's vision of Jesus, his interpretation of the Lord's Prayer and an outline of the Eucharistic service employed.

Deeply challenging, Healing the Family Tree will encourage you to read scripture and have faith in the gospel in new and remarkable ways. Russ Parker, Director of the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation provides the Foreword.

Reviewer: David Ford   (18/09/13)
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