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God, Where Are You?

by Enzo Bianchi


Price: £9.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:February 2014

This is the second book of a series which began with Words of Spirituality: Exploring the Inner Life. Described by Rowan Williams as ‘one of the most significant Christian voices in Europe', Fr Enzo Bianchi is the founder of the Bose community in northern Italy. This is an ecumenical community of both men and women established in 1965 when Bianchi was a layman.

His argument is epitomised by the phrase:

‘God, where are you?' we cry.
‘Where are you?' cries God.

The author argues that the story of God is that of his relationship with his people. He exemplifies this by looking at the patriarchs of the Old Testament: questioning our certainties as did Abraham, suffering like Jacob and being discourage as was Moses. He further looks at Elijah in the wilderness and the vocation of Isaiah.

Bianchi then continues by looking at the person of Jesus—God became man—so that man can become truly man. He reads through the Bible identifying key passages showing the relationship between humanity and God and concludes:

‘Indeed, the God of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Elijah and Isaiah, the God revealed to us in Jesus Christ, dwells in his community and in each one of us, if in faith and love we can recognize ourselves as his children and as brothers and sisters of one another, that is, we can love one another as Jesus has loved us.'

Reviewer: Jon Mayled   (24/11/14)
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