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New Testament Wisdom For Everyone

by Tom Wright


Price: £8.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:April 2013
Here's the brilliant Tom Wright on the timeless wisdom of some of the richest New Testament passages. His five pacey sections offer short, rich expositions. It may be a small title but it packs a big punch! Wright explains a few texts in an expository style with helpful anecdotes, strong word pictures and meaningful applications. They are full of deeper devotional value. He restates the Bible not merely as a rule book but as a way of deepening an already secure relationship with Jesus. This quote in particular is really helpful: "Christianity is not simply a set of beliefs and a rule-book for life, such as anyone could master in a weekend. It is as many-sided as the world itself, full of beauty and mystery and power, and as terrifying and wonderful as God himself. There is always much, much more to learn, to relish, to delight in". My lingering struggle was that this felt like a summer sampler from the thirty-plus titles that N T Wright has already faithfully offered. It isn't a full treatment, for that wouldn't be possible but it remains a rich primer on the wisdom to be found in the New Testament, and the beauty of the good news instituted in Jesus.

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (02/07/13)
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