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New Testament Prayer for Everyone

by Tom Wright


Price: £8.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:September 2012
This slim volume (102 pages) is a compilation of Tom Wright's meditations on prayer, drawn from his popular For Everyone series. Tom's introduction is the only 'new' material, but it is written in his inimitable style - refreshing, easy-to-read and compelling. This distillation of his teaching is designed to draw us further onwards in the journey of prayer. He writes "Prayer is always a journey into the unknown, a voyage of discovery... But whether we find it hard or easy, the steady flames of prayer from the New Testament will be there so that we can light our own candles from them."

The book is then divided into easily accessible sections - under two main headings 'New Testament Teaching on Prayer' and 'Prayers of the New Testament'. If you are familiar with the For Everyone series you will know that Tom Wright quotes in full his own translation of each passage he uses, then follows it with clear and well-illustrated teaching. The highlight of the book for me was the section on Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane. I felt that Tom had entered into Jesus' agony, heart and soul and that helped me to follow Him there too.

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Reviewer: Jackie Rowe   (28/01/13)

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