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Uncovering Sin

A gateway to healing and calling

by Rosy Fairhurst


Price: £8.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:November 2012
This is a Lent book, so receiving it just before Lent began was good timing. It is divided into 7 weeks, each of which has a theme, with 2 chapters each week exploring this theme. The chapters begin with a passage or two of scripture. In the first week, Fairhurst makes the good point that the context of sin is our relationship with God and tells us, on the basis of the story of the bronze serpent in Numbers 21, to look at what harms us in order to be healed. In week 2, she talks about abuse within the Church and its cover up. Although not a women's book specifically, some of what is said is of more relevance to women. In week 3, she speaks of "...the constant human tendency… to make heroes and villains, but to keep from recognising that they belong within the same human being…", a point we would do well to bear in mind. I was a bit taken aback, however, to read that "even Jesus had to experience the joy of being wrong". Fairhurst also sees some connection between Jesus casting out a demon called Legion and massacres by Roman legions in that region, something which is certainly not explicit in the text itself. But that aside, there is certainly food for thought here.

Reviewer: Brian Kerr   (02/04/13)
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