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1 & 2 Peter and Judah

For Everyone Bible Study Guides

by Tom Wright


Price: £4.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:July 2013
Tom Wright is one of the most impressive and accessible biblical scholars of our day - easily the equal of William Barclay in the authority with which he writes and his passion for communicating the gospel. In this slender volume Tom Wright provides nine Bible studies covering the nine chapters of the books of 1 and 2 Peter and Judah (or Jude as named in many Bibles).

Framed by a very useful overview of the three books at the beginning and some "Guidelines for Leaders" at the end the core of the book comprises the nine studies each of which is split into an opening introduction or story, the study suggestions and notes, and a prayer suggestion with which to close.

As with much of his writing Tom Wright communicates with an immediacy and relevance that is deeply engaging. He draws the reader straight in without delay - the opening reflection leads in to a question for the student and only then does he turn to the passage. In other words our life experience and the gospel are woven together at once.

Equally suitable for personal and group study these brief guides are a superb way to engage with scripture, especially those books we might not get round to reading very often. If using with new Christians or in a non-book culture, thought might be given to adding visual components to the study material so that not everything is focused on words. Suggestions for images and music might help broaden the appeal of these notes for some.

Reviewer: David Ford   (03/09/13)
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