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Living the Gospel Stories Today

by John Pritchard


Price: £8.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:07 July 2012
Jesus Ďwasnít so much a theologian as God telling storiesí. John Pritchardís simple but deeply revealing observation about Jesus takes us to the heart of the objective of this short book. Living the Gospel Stories Today is a superb encouragement to pastors not so much to ditch theology for anecdote, but to allow the truth of Godís desire to forge a relationship with us (which is what theology is) to be revealed through the ordinary narratives of life. And in the Bible we have countless excellent examples of precisely this.
The core of the book comprises 18 short reflections on different gospel stories. With each John Pritchard has given the story a new dynamic by placing the biblical story alongside experiences that will be familiar to many of us. This not only enables us to enter the gospel story with fresh vision and enthusiasm, it also transforms the story from being a dry passage of scripture into a living vehicle for Godís grace: there is something deeply missional, even sacramental about John Pritchardís approach.
Each reflection concludes with suggestions for further individual or group reflection and prayer. And this book would certainly make an ideal tool for Advent or Lent study. Yet I suspect many pastors will turn to it for fresh sermon ideas and for that it would have been helpful to have the bible passages listed as part of the contents.
First issued in 2001, this re-print will be much valued. Let us hope that John Pritchard will in time turn to some Old Testament stories too.

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Reviewer: David Ford   (25/08/12)
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