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The Spirit Of Grace

Christian Belief For Everyone Series

by Alister McGrath


Price: £8.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:December 2014

Grace meets us where we are but isn't content to leave us there. The spirit of grace is the invitation to life for every believer, here is a compact theological rummage into the specificity and beauty of this! McGrath's five volume series with SPCK is worth having and this forms part of this but is easily a stand alone volume. Spirit, humanity and Gods character lie at the heart of Alistair McGraths exploration here. Full of pace and possibility to stretch and renew your faith however young or old it may be. This has much source content, reaching into scripture, the early Fathers and our own experience.  

Where grace intersects with our 'courteous God' and how McGrath elevates and honours the gathered church as a growing context for grace, felt some of the most significant offerings in this title. 

These are powerful ideas that lie at the heart of the uniqueness of our faith. It's and enabling and expansive little volume, well worth the time.

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (19/10/15)
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