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The Lord and His Prayer

SPCK Classics

by Tom Wright


Price: £8.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:April 2012
Here in this new repackaged title from 2008, Tom Wright approaches the most famous prayer as understood in its historical context. The emphasis of this is in six of the prayer's key phrases pertaining to: the Father, Kingdom, Daily Bread, Forgiveness, Deliverance, and Power & Glory. Wright seeks to create for the reader the Jewish mindset of Jesus' day and how this prayer would be understood by them. Another major theme of this book is that the Lord's Prayer is not merely a prayer to be prayed, but an outline of how a disciple of Christ is to live out a life in obedience.
This is truly a book to meditate and linger with, especially in how we should live out the words of this ancient prayer. I agree with much of Wright's views on this matter, as Christians need to be more committed to the poor and the suffering. This book is a prophetic reminder that we need to be not only praying for such a fulfilment of God's will on earth, but that we are also the very instruments that God will use to build the Kingdom itself. A small masterpiece. Phrase by phrase this is supreme crafting and scholarly faithfulness! All that I wished for was for more length and depth of the pursuit of godly wisdom.

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