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Places of Enchantment

Meeting God in Landscapes

by Graham B Usher


Price: £9.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:August 2012
This is a book packed full of images, Graham Usherís Places of Enchantment, to which he brings his earlier experience as an ecologist to tease out the ecology of God from within the natural landscape. He reminds us that it was a landscape that was interrogated by the Palaeolithic mind, the Israelite wanderer, St Francis staring from his solitary cell, as much as by our own. And it has shaped our notions of God.
It is a dense fabric that Usher weaves, occasionally so dense it obscures the point, but that scarcely matters for it gives us a breath of fresh air in the company of sea and mountain, forest and desert, garden and sky, a breath of Godís air. So take a stroll through its pages; you will feel better for it, and not end up with muddy shoes.

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Reviewer: Paul Scott   (22/10/12)
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