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The Song Of Songs

A Contemplative Guide

by Graeme Watson


Price: £12.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:May 2013


This extremely well-researched books is an absolute gem for anyone who wishes to dig deeply into the Song of Songs (also regularly known as the Song of Solomon). It is accessible and readable, and really does lead into a contemplative appreciation of one of the least read books in the Bible.


The author skillfully achieves an intertwining of an explanation of the text with the way in which it impacts our understanding of God in our daily lives. For example, in commenting on chapter 2 verse 6 he writes 'From Origen onwards the verse has been interpreted as an expression of Christ's passionate love for the human soul, wrapping the soul in prayer ...' And the challenge to us is to reciprocate that love in passionate love for Him.


Near the beginning of the book Graeme points out that the Song of Songs offers a valuable resource for the prayer of silence and stillness, for contemplative prayer. So, I recommend this book for those who can take time to read it slowly and build the wisdom gained from it into their daily lives.


Reviewer: Jackie Rowe   (11/07/14)

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