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Forgiveness Is Healing

by Russ Parker


Price: £10.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:09 September 2011
There can be no question of the importance of forgiveness, be it in the life of an individual, in a church, or in society. So I am pleased to see this reissue of Russ Parkerís profound and practical book on the subject. It is full of cameos and commentaries from the Bible (for example, the man who was lowered through a roof in front of Jesus, and Jesusí healing of a man beside a pool in Jerusalem. Forgiveness is an issue in both those stories) and illustrations from the practice of healing (many of them drawn from Russ Parkerís work as a minister and as Director of the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation. Some of these are reassuring, but some are very challenging!). Jesus, writes Parker, actually models the healing of relationships through forgiveness, and 'expected his disciples to be forgivers'. Do read this book if you are serious about taking up that challenge. Incidentally, I appreciated the chapters on the healing of the memories and deliverance, which receive much calmer consideration than they sometimes do.

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Reviewer: Barry Vendy   (01/01/12)
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