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Finding God in Other Christians

by Lorraine Cavanagh


Price: £8.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:04 April 2012
Diversity in the family of God, is a great idea but a real struggle to fully accommodate. We are called into community but can default to isolation and self all-too-easily! It requires the generosity of God-empowered grace for this possibility to be fully manifest in our lives. Here in Lorraine Cavanagh’s writing is a warm and wise exploration of fellowship, discernment and revelation. There is a meaningful blend of biblical exposition, stories and personal experience, rooted in some of the relational, social, theological and practical implications of what is ideal. The chapters on Radical Hospitality and Reconnecting with Wisdom are particularly rich, as part of Cavanagh’s compelling invitation to a deeper and more compassionate lifestyle. Themes from Corinthians, the importance of catholicity and generosity of our most holy faith are some of the take away messages for me.
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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (02/06/12)
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