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Encountering Depression

Frequently Asked Questions Answered for Christians

by Andrew and Elizabeth Procter


Price: £8.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:February 2012
A really useful book both for people suffering from depression and people who want to understand depression.
The book is put into chapters which only take ten minutes to read ( which is a good idea as when you are suffering from depression you can have a very short attention span.)
The chapter is split into 4 parts, Information : which basically answers the chapter heading: Second is Inspiration which is a true life account of someone who has been through that aspect of depression: Third is meditation.
Finally you have Perspiration which is an exercise for you to try but there is no pressure to do it.
The way the book is split up you can just read the chapter which concerns you or you can read the whole book.
I like the way it explains not to worry if you doubt where God is and not to feel a failure when you need medical help.
Two sections which I found helpful as my spouse suffers from depression was the ‘carers section’ and the ‘church ministers’ section to inform them how to help sufferers and families.
A really well balanced book which had medical and biblical information. It was helpful and not judgemental, probably because it was written by a husband and wife who are a Christian psychiatrist and a priest.
I would recommend this to families whose relatives are suffering as well as the actual sufferer.

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Reviewer: Julia Bennett   (28/06/12)
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