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Pauline Perspectives

Essays on Paul, 1978-2013

by N.T. Wright


Price: £45.00
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:October 2013

In this volume of previously published or delivered material the formidable NT Wright (known to most of us more familiarly as Tom Wright) presents his most significant articles on Paul written during the past three decades.

Now, everyone interested in theology has their favourite authors and subjects. Whilst I readily acknowledge that neither Tom Wright nor the apostle Paul is in my top five of either category, the magnitude of Wright’s work on Paul is hugely impressive for its scope and longevity. If you are a serious follower of either, then this collection of works is a must. 

The volume is divided into four Parts mirroring Wright’s geographical journey through academia from Oxbridge to St Andrews, and within each section the articles are similarly presented in chronological order. This is undoubtedly helpful for future biographers of Wright but I’m not convinced it is helpful for those of us who might wish to dip into a volume of essays like this to trace the development of a particular Pauline theme such as justification or even trace Wright’s view towards a particular book or letter.

Yet perhaps that simply reveals that I am not the intended audience. This is clearly not a populist work (as indicated by the price, and the fact that the author is listed as NT Wright) but one that will be revelled in by fellow scholars who will devour the intensity of Wright’s writing with as much enthusiasm as the rest of us devour his popular commentaries.

The book concludes with all the bibliographies (one devoted to Wright’s 70 published volumes) and indexes one expects from a major academic work and is the companion volume to the previously published title Paul and the Faithfulness of God.

Reviewer: David Ford   (07/05/14)
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