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Youth Ministry

A Multi-Faceted Approach

by Sally Nash


Price: £12.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:10 October 2011
In this insightful and eminently practical book vivid metaphors are used to define the multi faceted roles of today’s youth workers. The contributors are past and present staff and students of CYM – the Centre for Youth Ministry.
The introduction states its objectives very clearly, ‘This book seeks to equip you to undertake a range of roles within whatever sort of youth ministry you are doing, helping you to become more effective in your work.’ It is unashamedly God-focused, emphasising the importance of the part played by the youth leader’s own faith and sets out to encourage reflective practitioners. To this end questions for reflection are offered at the end of each chapter and a particularly useful resource for this is to be found on pp. xviii and xix of the introduction.
Case studies are frequently and effectively used to illustrate the points made, I particularly appreciated the one in chapter 3 by Simon Davies. This uses the metaphor of ‘visionary architect’ and offers an excellent example of the use of the strategic planning process through the use of a case study.
All too often books such as this abound in theory with little practical resources or guidelines. However, in Youth Ministry the reader will find sound practical guidelines alongside the theory, as in chapter 6 ‘Party Planner’ by Jean Harper. Here we find some useful advice on how to plan a celebration event with and for young people.
I believe that this book will both encourage and equip youth leaders in their ministry and could well prove to be a seminal resource for future training courses.

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Reviewer: Chris Low   (22/02/12)
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