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Jesus Wars

by Philip Jenkins


Price: £12.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
'How four patriarchs, three queens, and two emperors decided what Christians would believe for the next 1500 years.' The controversial and at times breathtakingly violent story of the early church's battles over 'right belief'. Publisher

For many of us the progression and growth of the church from that outlined in the latter part of the New Testament to today is largely unknown and not a real priority. We are probably aware of/ know the Nicene Creed but have little understanding of its relevance.
Philip Jenkins Jesus Wars is a scholarly new title that opens up a little known and critical period of church history that is dramatic, politically volatile and crammed with intrigue and action. This highly readable book will be a vital tool for students of church history, but it is also an entertaining and enlightening read for anyone wanting to know a bit more about the background to our faith. Although set in the 5th Century, much of the politics and religious machinations written about then have echoes that can be read into much of todayís religious politics Ė particularly fanatical and violent faith groups.
This is an excellent read and will grace any serious readerís, or religious studentís shelf.

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Reviewer: Tim Leffler   (22/07/10)
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