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Christianity and the Renewal of Nature

Creation, Climate Change and Human Responsibility

Edited by Sebastian C.H.Kim and Jonathan Draper


Price: £12.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:July 2011
Contributors are Tim Gorringe, Mary Grey, Michael Northcott, Clive Pearson, Martin Redfern, John Sauven, Clare Short and Rowan Williams.

This book fulfils a need, particularly after the failure of the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference to reach a binding agreement on the reduction of CO2 and the lack of progress since. It is derived from a series of lectures aimed at promoting serious consideration of the reality of climate change and the challenge it presents to sustainable living, from the perspective of the Christian faith. A team of ten experts, including theologians and ethicists, examine the root causes of climate change and discuss the motives and methods behind current attempts to cope with it. The contributors emphasise that climate change is not just about the physical effects but also involves both moral and spiritual dimensions.
The book concludes that the climate change debate is not just about the science but that there is a need for a coherent and committed plan of action. Scientific facts are fighting against more powerful forces such as economic growth and bureaucratic inertia, which take advantage of our innate desire to ignore what we donít want to believe. Practical ways are suggested in which people can most helpfully respond to the challenge of climate change.

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Reviewer: Tony South   (24/08/11)
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