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John For Everyone Bible Study Guides

by Tom Wright


Price: £4.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
One of a series of guides written for use by individuals or groups, developed from Tom Wright’s New Testament for Everyone series, where he has translated the New Testament afresh.
At the beginning of each of the books in this series, Tom Wright talks about the individual book and then gives suggestions and guidance for individual use, then group use. At the end of each book are Guidelines for Leaders enabling those with no experience of leading to feel confident and capable of doing a good job.
Because of the varying lengths of the books, there are different numbers of sessions outlined, so be prepared to accommodate this in your planning.
Tom Wright encourages individuals whether on their own or in groups to think seriously how the reading for the session speaks to them as individuals and as members of the church. He writes notes to aid the thoughts or discussions and of course more information is in the relevant book in his New Testament For Everyone series.

Others in the series so far (October 2010) are – Matthew, ISBN 978-0-281-06179-2
Mark ISBN 978-0-281-06178-5
Acts ISBN 978-0-281-06380-2
Romans ISBN 978-0-281-06180-8
1 Corinthians ISBN 978-0-281-06176-1
2 Corinthians ISBN 978-0-281-06356-7
Galations ISBN 978-0-281-06357-4
Ephesians ISBN 978-0-281-06177-8
Philippians ISBN 978-0-281-06226-372
Colossians and Philemon ISBN 978-0-281-06175-4
1&2 Thessalonians ISBN 978-0-281-06181-5
1-2 Timothy and Titus ISBN 978-0-281-06182-2
Hebrews ISBN 978-0-281-06379-6

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (05/10/10)
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