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What is Contextual Bible Study?

A Practical Guide with Group Studies for Advent and Lent

by John Riches


Price: £9.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:23 September 2010
John Riches outlines the use of Contextual Bible Study in different projects mainly in Scotland during the last few years. Two facilitators work with a group through a pre-determined passage of scripture with pre-determined questions. The participants are encouraged to apply the study to modern situations. However it does not appear that the historical context or the theological background are seriously outlined or discussed. Therefore creating a situation where a liberal theology emerges. In addition the studies have been used for political and social action. An example of this is the holding of a Bible study outside Faslane Trident submarine base.
The book does raise the issue of how we can make the Bible more relevant to people today, but there is the need to remember that the Bible is Godís word.

Reviewer: Bob Stoneham   (05/02/11)
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