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Creation in Crisis

Christian Perspectives on Sustainability

by Robert S. White


Price: £12.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:August 2009
This exciting and challenging collection of essays shows that those who suffer most from ‘environmental unsustainability’ – uses of earthly resources that consume or destroy more than they conserve or create - are those who are already poor. The resulting climate changes and depletions of soil and minerals threaten the ‘Majority World’ (aka the ‘Developing World’) with flood, encroaching deserts and water shortages, famine. Causes of unsustainability include ignorance, short-term objectives, profits-based consumerism, global economic dominance by western multi-nationals, and wilful misinformation from media broadly supporting both consumerism and the multi-nationals. These essays offer various Christian perspectives on this, from Christ’s injunctions to care for the needy and to love one’s neighbour, to more diverse biblical readings about the nature of God’s creation, and the roles of humanity as stewards of that whole creation and organisms within it. It is more difficult, however, to find an effective way of addressing the evils described. In a book which amply demonstrates the effects of impersonal forces – of economic and political structures, of materialist ideologies – we are returned repeatedly to personal motives and pleas for generosity, humility, simple living. How can we also change the economic and political structures?

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Reviewer: Su Reid   (08/07/10)
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