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Pioneer Mission and Fresh Expressions of Church

by Angela Shier-Jones


Price: £12.99
Publisher:SPCK (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge)
Published:19 November 2009
Here is a book about the Fresh Expressions movement which is prepared to ask questions and provide helpful and informative answers. It is in two parts - the first for the pioneer minister and the second for the congregation. Written from a Methodist perspective, Dr Angela Shier-Jones breaks open all sorts of stereo types like, all pioneer ministers are 'young, energetic, IT savvy, wear jeans'. She also gives advice for people who feel called to start something new outside the church, often with quotable quotes like 'thinking outside the box is best done outside the box' (p33) and 'the church needs to consider how its buildings can be the burning bush that draws people closer' (p89). Lots of stories and advice is offered, for pioneer and congregation alike to consider. This is very helpful as hundreds of churches consider how to reach out to people outside the box.

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Reviewer: Jim Currin   (27/11/10)
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