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Parenting A Violent Child

Steps To Taking Back Control And Creaiting A Happier Home

by Islay Downey & Kim Furnish


Price: £9.99
Publisher:DLT (Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd)
Published:09 February 2015

This book is obviously niche to the clientel relating to the title.  A problem faced by increasingly more parents, but not one spoken about openly.  Having said that, the steps explained as the progress towards 'taking back control and creating a happier home' are common requirements to all successful parenting. The authors here, simply apply these steps well to the specific demands of parenting violent children.

It might not be for everyone, but I personally related to the style of the guidance presented by taking the reader through a series of parenting group meetings, allowing you to feel that you are not the only person facing this challenge. Relating the challenges of true-to-life examples shared through the fictional characters gives them a much more practical feel than a theoretical proposal.

Each chapter is looked at through a subsequent group meeting and progress and details are revealed about each of the families we are following. The chapters have helpful group style exercises for the reader to try out, each ultimately contributing towards you the parent being able to take the first steps in changing the situation at home. We are also allowed the privilege of the tears and laughter experienced as each method is tried out in family life.

Due to the many years experience in leading and guiding such groups, the authors, Islay & Kim,  are able to share successes and failures in the exercises and not just paint a perfect picture. The reflection exercises at the end  of each chapter allow you, the reader, to participate as though you were in the group itself.

This book sensitively addresses a tough issue which those facing may rather keep hidden and perhaps therefore not openly ask for help. Taking such a bold step forward as to start reading it is itself a strong step in parenting, possibly the most important step in the progress to a happier home! 

Reviewer: Barry Mason   (19/08/15)
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