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The Bibluffer's Guide

by Paul Kerensa


Price: £8.99
Publisher:DLT (Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd)
Published:March 2014


If scripture and comedy were to have a child. This would be it. 

Now for some that'll be heretical and problematic. And so for some this title will feel like heresy and be somewhat problematic!

Paul Kerensa has a clear intent to serve up portions of scripture with power, insight and freshness. This is somewhat curiously achieved. Kerensa retells all the best-known stories through all manner of unexpected devices—cartoons illustrations, movie scripts, family trees and even the IKEA instruction manual all get an outing. Puns, riddles, word tricks and more fill almost every line. It's got a twist of Milton Jones' maverick genius and Tim Vine's pace. Jacob’s Creek and Jacobs Crackers wont ever be viewed again in the same light!

Light entertainment it is. Whether there will be sixty-five more, remains to be seen. It's a fresh angle for those who might have grown weary or unwilling with the faithfulness of the text of scripture. Without seeking to caricature this title, it may be ideal for youth workers and others.

Theology, insight and creativity do mix well in this gag-fest but I’m still trying to resolve what to do with the aftertaste.


Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (19/06/14)
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