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The Vicar's FAQ

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Christianity And The Church

by Caroline Symcox


Price: £9.99
Publisher:DLT (Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd)
Published:October 2013

Ordination to the role of public ministry holds a public interest, and this is a critical help to our cultural engagement with vestments, process, and some of the Anglican way. The Vicar's FAQ is a clear, contemporary introduction to the Christian faith through the lens of the anglican church.

It's an attractive concept that marries content and passion, quirks and methodology. In places the gospel and the historic formularies of the faith entrusted to gospel ministry feel somewhat lacking. Yet there's plenty of easily-digested detail, story and examples, with a nice pace and interest level. Its got a reference quality, with a accessible feel to it.

It does somewhat feel as though you are hearing your local, middle-of-the-road, very likeable Vicar answer questions from a GSCE church visit. And that's what it is..... A bitesize gift. A valid lens on the life of an—albeit somewhat stereotypical—Church of England vicar. Earthy wisdom, fresh summaries and more than a dash of fun!

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (10/07/15)
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