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Babe's Bible

Sister Acts

by Karen Jones


Price: £8.99
Publisher:DLT (Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd)
Published:March 2013
A sequel to Babe's Bible: Gorgeous Grace, this instalment features many of the same characters but is somewhat darker in tone, dealing with contemporary themes of human trafficking, addiction and modern Anglican politics alongside the parallel Biblical narrative of the struggles and persecutions of the early church. I suspect it would be quite difficult to follow for anyone who had not read the first book and, in truth, I found it a difficult read anyway. Light touches are few and far between ­- this is "real life" at its bleakest. Having said that, in this second work the writing style of the present-day segments is much smoother than before and the author now seems equally comfortable in both timelines. Grace, the main protagonist, is very human to the point where the reader wants to shake her sometimes! ­But, as she deals with serial crises and tries to determine where and how God wants her to serve, once again there is a compulsion to keep reading to know how things turn out. A third in the series, Babe's Bible - Love letter will be out in March 2014.

Reviewer: Diane Morrison   (05/07/13)
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