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Scent of Lemons

Technology and Relationships in the Age of Facebook

by Jonah Lynch


Price: £9.99
Publisher:DLT (Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd)
Published:November 2012
Our modern technologies offer the mirage that real life can be had in 'point and click' isolation, despite our gut instinct telling us something different. We long to connect, to belong, to give and take, even to shout, muddle and disagree… things that only happen in the messy world of relationships and communities.

Whether there is freedom or bondage experienced through the addictive nature of Facebook and its endless stream of media offerings, here it is central to the engagement about social compulsions in Jonah Lynch's continuation of the prophetic work of Henri Nouwen. With so much on offer, Lynch navigates the inherent folly of letting technology prescribe the terms and conditions of our lives. At the heart of Lynch's writing is the penetrating truth that three of five senses; touch, scent and taste cannot ever be engaged with by technological means.

Mythology, research and reflection are well woven here in a great write about the gains and challenges of the technological gifts of our age, in this insightful new book. Masks are removed through the unveiling of detail, aching truth, raw implications and inevitable addictions. These are all laid bare. My only gripe is that by the time we strike chapter nineteen Jonah Lynch might have offered us more than just a technological fast, as a remedy in the face of our pacey, all-access culture. There is much of beauty and another kingdom in the closing words; "power is love".

This pacey, incisive, compact book offers much. As Lynch invites, "Being is gift, not robbery. Being is love."

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (07/03/13)
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